TMTV Disabled Access Policy

The Market Town Vet’ Disabled Access Policy

At ‘The Market Town Vet’ we treat all members of the team fairly and equitably, with no tolerance of prejudice or discrimination. We have no tolerance of prejudicial, discriminatory, or offensive language. We expect fair and equal treatment of all team members from members of the public, and do not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour. We recognise the importance and value of diversity, at all levels. We have teams which understand the barriers to equality and diversity, the consequences of discrimination in the workplace, and are empowered to challenge poor practise. We treat all team members fairly and equally, including those requiring parental or adoption leave, and those who may be struggling to start a family.

At ‘The Market Town Vet’ We have disabled access that complies with ‘The Equality Act 2010’ which protects people with disabilities from discrimination. It also reinforces the right of those with disabilities to access premises, services and information. We ensure our premises and services are fully accessible to all those with disabilities.

At ‘The Market Town Vet’ access to each practice is fully compliant with Building Regulations to make sure there is adequate wheelchair access. All consulting rooms and areas open to the general public are wheelchair accessible.